Freelance Contractor

I work on a 1099 Corp-to-corp contract. Currently, I work mostly remote with on-site meetings and/or workshops. I generally work as a lead or Senior UX/UI designer.  

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is web design that allows for the dynamic resizing of layout, images and text within a web design so that the content can be optimized for viewing at variable screen dimensions.

SaaS Design Solutions

Software as a Service and gives ready-made software to customers via a web browser or mobile app and allows them to simply use the software to solve their problems.

Strategic Consultant

Every experience should tell an engaging and connected story. Always keeping in mind who is using it and how much time they have. Having the right strategic communication and content strategy to achieve this is critical in every experience.

Mobile App Design

A good mobile app is simple, easy to use. It keeps your users coming back to the app again and again.